Fraud Detection

Trust your data

Trust your data

  • Test your files for possible labeling mistakes or fraud.
  • Find duplicates in pools of thousands of files.
  • Get your answer within minutes.

Ondia developed a tool dedicated to PAUT data comparison. Our tool can search for exact duplicates which are two identical files with different names. It can also search for near duplicates which are files acquired from the same weld but at different times or with different settings on the instrument.

Save money

  • Catch mistakes early in the process.
  • Shorten your downtime.
  • Avoid costly on-site repairs.

Mislabeling or fraud can lead to unnecessary repairs or expensive catastrophic failure in production. By making sure all inspection data are unique, you lower your risk.

Easy and quick

  • Upload your files in Olympus (.opd or .odat) or Zetec (.uvdata) format.
  • Adjust the level of similarity.
  • Consult the downloadable PDF report showing all the exact and near duplicates.

The level of similarity for the near duplicates can be adjusted to avoid flagging weld repairs.

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