ONDIA creates intelligent and personalized solutions to data analysis and data management issues for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) companies.

Artificial Intelligence: A powerful resource for NDT companies

ONDIA uses artificial intelligence for the automated analysis of non-destructive testing data and provides NDT companies around the world with solutions to problems arising from the complexity of the analysis process, such as defect detection, identification and the sizing of indications.

An innovative and efficient solution

ONDIA is the only company to offer an innovative cloud solution for NDT data analysis using artificial intelligence and a unique, user-friendly project management web application that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Unique technology, worldwide accessibility

The ONDIA data analysis service is unique and accessible to everyone. It is open to all types of data files from instrument manufacturers who are interested in collaborating. The ONDIA platform reads the different file formats and converts them into the universal ONDIA format, which is used for the AI analysis.

Collaboration with top instrument manufacturers

ONDIA has contracts with NDT instrument manufacturers around the world so that their data files can be read, analyzed and made accessible to clients.

Contact your NDT instrument manufacturer to add your data files to our online service.

ONDIA certified centers

ONDIA certified centers are strategically located across the globe and easily accessible from anywhere. They are staffed by certified analysts (Levels 2 and 3) who can verify and approve the quality of AI analyses. Data files can be processed and stored in any country with access to Microsoft AZURE cloud services.

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